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Samstag, 08.08.20 - Beginn: 14:30 Uhr

English Theatre
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A play for young audiences by Sean Aita, after Mark Twains “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Veranstalter: English Theatre Frankfurt

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It‘s not easy for Huck Finn. Pestered by the widow Douglas and beaten by his father, he finally wants to be free!
This desire is the beginning of one of the most exciting and moving youth stories: Huck travels along the Mississippi,
together with Jim, a runaway slave. From Jim he learns what it really means to not be free.
But in him he also finds the best travel companion to survive the wildest adventures,
defy strange dangers and to smash really gross sailor songs.

Huck Finn captures Mark Twain‘s Dixieland of the Southern States, intertwined with a thirst for adventure
and at the same time approaches the subject of racism,
inviting viewers to join Huck Finn in rethinking prejudices.

As „Play For Young Audiences“, Huck Finn is specially designed for young people aged 11-14, according to their language level.
Interested teachers will be supported through the script, working materials and, if desired, with preparatory or subsequent workshops.